The Reigning Regality


The Majesty’s Pride


The Dominating Lion


Exclusive and Exquisite

Welcome to the world of Heresh K. This is the world where you find a voice for your true self in the form of design. In this world, your style statement becomes a reality, as we empower you with confidence and change the way the world sees you, and you see yourself.

Latest Collection

Strong emotions lead our way to creating jewelry designs that have a lasting impact on the minds of people. Our collections take the embodiment of values that define a person, a character, a leader. A leader that is determined to take over the world.

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Do you dare to stand out of a crowd? Our statement pieces and intricate designs are crafted to bring out the confidence in you and show the world what you are really made of.

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The story

Born in 1994, during the regime of Saddam Hussein, my family and I have seen it all — poverty, uncertainty, and ambiguity. Fear was all I had known until the day my father borrowed money to buy me a yellow suit. That was the first time I sensed confidence. And today Heresh K is here…

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Product care

Avoid contact with lotion, water, hairspray, perfume. After use, wipe with a clean and soft cloth. Store in a fabric lined box to maintain shine and avoid scratches