The Story

In 1994 I was born into a poor society and a poor family. I was born four hours after a civil war started, and that’s how I got my name. The meaning of my name Heresh, means attack. I was born under the Saddam Hussein regime, and tried to sleep with fear of war, fear of hunger and fear of uncertainty. When I was 4 years old, my father borrowed money to buy me a yellow suit. I loved that suit! I forgot about uncertainty, and felt confident. I told my father that one day I will be a designer because I feel confident in what I wear and that I want to design that confidence for the next generations. My father told me ‘’What you wear is art of appearance, what makes a piece of art to standout are the details in that art.’’ This is how I started Heresh K. The wish, the need and the urge to design and make something that represents the art of details and the art of confidence. For now, this detail is jewelry, and more is to come.

My designs are meant to be edgy, personal and historical. Every piece tells a story, and is meant to be genderless, timeless and ageless. My designs are exclusive, some made to order and some in stock, but all of them are designed by my wife and I in Norway.