The story of Heresh K

Wear it with confidence

Heresh K want to deliver the message of confidence, not only by words, but to get people to wear confidence. Wearing our confidence is a reminder to us and the world that we can do anything we want as long as we are confident. That’s why we wear our confidence to inspire ourselves and everyone in the world.

Who do we design for?
Heresh K is timeless, ageless, and genderless. It’s not only for one season, it’s about what you want to wear when you want to wear it. It’s not for one age group only, it’s for everyone that wants to wear our design and it’s not for only her or him. It’s for you who want to wear it with confidence.

Who is Heresh K?

Heresh K is someone who had nothing, came from a poor family, a poor society, all he had was his dreams and his confidence. He’s a dreamer, with great visions, he wants to share it with people and contribute to build a world full of confident people.