Regal Ring Silver

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Regal Collection is based on the story of Shahmaran

Shahmaran is a kurdish story from the iron age. Shah means king or queen and maran means the snake.

A guy named Camshab went to a cave with his friends to steal honey, where he was stuck and left alone by his friends. He went to explore the cave and suddenly he found Shahmaran, who was the beautiful queen of the snakes. They developed a relationship and Camshab promised Shahmaran that he would never reveal their secret, and never reveal her location to the rest of the town. He went back to the town and found out that the king of the town was sick, and the only solution for him to survive was to rub the skin of Shahmaran on his skin and drink her blood. Camshab revealed the location of Shahmaran to the rest of the town and he broke his promise.

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925 Sterling Silver

White rhodium plating

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