Majesty Necklace Gold

  • 2 500 kr

Charles V, Holy roman emperor believed that he deserved a style greater than Highness, he wanted to be the exceptional emperor in the history. The emperor asked his advisor William The Silent for a suggestion of a new style. William smiled and said ‘’Your highness, I have already thought about that’’. ‘’what is it?’’ asked Charles V. ‘’Your majesty, you have to be above the law, above the state, so majestic that history will know you as the founder of Majesty’’ 

Majesty Collection is dedicated to Charles V, and men and women who are ambitious and believe that they deserve more than simplicity.

Wear it with confidence


925 sterling silver

18 K gold plating

Black onyx

Length: 45 cm, can adjust to 50 cm (Double loop)

Width: 1,5 mm

All Taxes & Duties included