Fortitude Earrings Gold

  • 1 400 kr

Made of 925 sterling silver, plated with 18K gold.


In 1855 Nan became a free woman, no longer enslaved. Her owner beat her every night and that made Nan make a decision. She escaped from her owner and that night shee took 5 other slaves with her because her fight for her freedom was not only for her own soul. She wanted to free her people. She wanted to live in a world where all african americans are free men and women, if she couldn’t see that day herself, she would at least make progress for the next generation to become free. 

The last thing Nan told her owner was ‘’You can try to enslave my body, but my soul will always be free’’.

Nan together with the other 5 slaves found a hiding place in a moutainous area that no one could find them. She became powerful and made that group larger and larger, she started thinking that having a large group in one place will be exposed sooner or later. She made a secret network that made slaves speak with each other through body language, in that way they arranged rebellions and uprisings for their freedom and the owners couldn’t notice that. She continued that work in 10 years until 1865, the end of slavery.

Fortitude collection is a dedication to Nan and to the free souls. 

Wear it with confidence


925 sterling silver

18 K gold plating

Weight is about 3.5 g.

All Taxes & Duties included.