Determination Ring

  • 650 kr

Made of stainless steel, the black part is plated with chrome.


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The story of William the jeweler

In 1875 a man named William was a blacksmith, he inherited his job from his father. It was expected by his family that he’d work as a blacksmith the rest of his life. William’s dream was to be a jeweler. He wanted to design jewelry, which was strange, unknown and absolutely absurd for his family. He knew that it’s going to be a difficult journey because his dream required to do something that he had never done before. He had to stay determined. William went from one jewelry designer to the next, nobody wanted to hire a non-skilled man, until he went to a jeweler named David. When David saw William, he saw a determined young man that was looking for his dream to come true and that reminded David of when he was young. William became a professional jeweler and all because he knew that ‘’Success don’t have any shortcuts, determination is the only way’’

Determination collection is a dedication to William and all of you exceptional people who don’t give up.

Wear it with confidence


Stainless steel


Weight: Ca. 9 g