Aplomb Ring

  • 650 kr

Made of stainless steel, plated with chrome.


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Aplomb is based on the story of Alexander

In 1970 a boy named Alexander got bullied at school by 5 other guys. One day, he tried to defend himself against the bullies. They got even more furious and beat Alexander, worse than before. They took off his shirt, burned it right in front of him and they peed on him. Alexander went home crying.

Anita, a classmate of Alexander, saw the whole situation. She went to Alexander's house and told him that it’s time to stand together against the bullies, she told him that the class has been bullied by these 5 guys for a long time now and they must stop it. She advised Alexander to gather them and lead the group to stand against the bullying.

He went to school and together with Anita gathered all the boys and girls that had been bullied by these guys.

Alexander told the group ‘’ These 5 guys always go together as a group and bully us only when we are alone, now we have to stand together and put a stop to it. No more bullying in this school.’’

They made them beg for forgiveness, but that’s not all. These guys had to beg while they were on their knees. Aplomb ring is dedicated to Alexander, his classmates and all the heroes that stand against bullying.

Wear it with confidence


Stainless Steel

Chrome Plated

Weight: Ca. 9 g