We don't do Black Friday

|28/11, 2020

Covid 19

First of all, we are never going to be on sale. You can read about it under ''Confidence is not cheap''.

Black friday is a very bad idea when Covid-19 is killing more than a million people. Every society, every company and every person should be against social gatherings. We have to stop the virus that is killing us and the future of our children. We have to be one voice and do whatever it takes to destroy the virus before it destroys us. Running to stores and socially gather to buy something, just because it's on sale, is a bad idea for the future of the human beings. How are items on sale more imporant than the health of our relatives and friends? We never know who is infected with covid-19, that's why we have to do less of the things that can infect us. When we are infected, we also infect the ones we love.

Maybe some will think, why is that a matter to Heresh K when Heresh K is only a webshop and don't have a physical shop yet? The answer is we don't like to be part of promoting something like Black Friday beacuse the more brands and companies promote black friday, the more people want to be a part of it. It will start with a webshop and end with many people in other stores because they want more Black Friday.

We wish and hope the best for all people in the world because confident people think about other people's well being.

Confidence is not cheap

We want to build a society and a world full of confident people. Confidence is one of the most important matters in this world because without confidence we can not do what we want to do. When we can not do what we want to do, we are going to be unhappy people. Look around you and you will find so many people that are unhappy, they might be unhappy because their job is not their dream job, or they are in a relationship with a person they don't love. Many people do many things they don't like because they don't have enough confidence to do what they DO like and what it takes to achieve their dreams.

Our brand is about wearing your confidence, if we are cheap and are on sale then we are telling people that confidence is cheap and easy to gain. We are not going to lie to our costumers, to society and to people. Confidence is not cheap and we are never going to be on sale either. Confidence is the most expensive feeling.

Wear it with confidence